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they ners ,3 would rebuill. and now a full 3 year later, mount washington 3 tavern is open again. again. . joel d. smith is agn washinnton yearr aaer, mount and now a full would rrbuild. promissd they fames were even 3 3 3 3 3 before the flames were even out.... the owners promised they would rebuild.. and now a full year later,,mount washington tavern is open aggin. again. . joel d. smith is live there nnw to show us the challenges to rebuilding a local lannmark, and see if the ggod morning oel d. d. 3 3 this morning... police are searching for wo men who shot a fast-food restaurant manager arly sunday morning in columbia. it happened just bbfore 1 a-m at the taco bell near minstrel way and snowden river parkway. the managgr was ccnfronted by two en outside the tore.they flownnto shock trauma where he's listed n critical conditiin. police don't know the motive for the shooting. a dozen employees at thh baltimooe department of their jobs... after eingg pccused of steaaing tens of phousands of dollars wortt of scrap metal.the inspectorr general detailed the released
of immigration policy in this country. and what happens in washington, what happens in the presidential election and what happens with congress. so delegate mcdonough what if the policy in washington changes so that these people are employable once they eve a college degree. >> i don't know if the average voter should go out and vote on "what if", you know. we're not a prophet, we don't have crystal balls, we don't know what the future holds. we have to vote on the current law. we don't base this on the rule of law as what might happen. the law exists today. i can tell you that it's being challenged in court already, this deferment you are talking about by chris kovac who if mr. romney wins will probably be the next secretary of homeland security which i think is interesting. but i want to make one point that sandy brought up there are about 75,000 people who fall into this profile, this category, agewise. of that 75,000, only about a thousand to 2,000, to 3,000 are eligible for this dream act benefit, which the taxpayers are going to pay for. it is kind of elitist. now what about the other 72,0
. president obama is vowing to fulfill his promise o end gridllck in washington.obama says: " want cooperation. you want action. that's what i plan toodellverr - pn my second term, and i exxect to find leader from both paaties willing to oin me." but the election results, are producing a bit -3 of 'bbltway deja vu...'thee balance of power remainn the 3 wwiteehouse and senate..and republicans in charge of the house.many in connress will not be coming back ii the 113th congress. eighty-ssx lawmakers are retiring, lost or ran for aa iifeeent office. pricc: "i think what at the election aid is that the american peoppl don't want uniiied government here in washington. they want divided govvrnment, which means we have to et together and solve thesseremarkabll challengess thht we hhve."action will have to happen in the last tto months of 2012 - racing against the clock, their first real test -- aaerting the 'fiscallcliff.'hundreds of billions offdollarssof ttx increases and spending cuts autooattcally going into effect january firrt, unless the presi
in washington. we'll talk with our guests in a moment but first an update on the tense military situation on the gaza border. leland vittert has the latest. leland? >> reporter: chris, israel is very much a country on the brink of war. we have seen hundreds, if not thousands of tanks and personally carriers, ready to push into the gaza strip, in a moment's notice, because the airstrike simply did not stop the rockets flying outf gaza, towards israel. and the iron dome intercepted a number of those rockets today. however, about 8 or 10 got through, causing a half dozen injuries inside of southern israel. and, for the israelis, the airstrikes continued pounding away, day five of hitting the gaza strip, so far the airstrikes killed 50-plus people, half of them civilians, including a number of children and the air forces hit almost a thousand targets, and, leveled much of hamas's infrastructure, inside of the gaza strip. as for the ground war, which certainly caused more civilian casualties, a major escalation. israel called up 30,000 reservists and they are on the borders now, infantry and t
a divided washington cuts a deal. we'll talk with four congressional leaders, who will play big roles in trying to find a compromise. republican senator bob corker, and congressman tom price. and democratic senator kent conrad and congressman chris van hollen. plus, president obama looks ahead to a second term, while republicans look to regroup. we'll ask our sunday panel about what both sides need to do, moving forward. all, right now, on fox news sunday. ♪ >> chris: and, hello, again, from fox news in washington. on veterans day. when we honor the military, for their service to our nation. and, sadly, we begin today with a dramatic fall from grace, of one of the most respected military men of this generation. cia director and retired four star general david petraeus stepped down friday after admitting to an extramarital affair. joining us to discuss that and upcoming hearings on the deadly terror attack in libya is the chairman of the senate intelligence committee, dianne feinstein, senator, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thank you very much, chris. >> chris: in a statement f
.. will get 35-thousand dollars each. president obaaa sounding confident lawmakers in washington will reaah a ddal before we rrach the fiscal cliff. expiring tax cuts and deep spending cuts o inno effect at the enn of the reaches an agreement. peter doocy reports roomwashin. washington. ttai onastery. the fiscal - clifffwas on president obama's mind. and he told a buddhist monk that american leaders. could use his prayers obama saas: "working on this budget, need a lot of prayer"the president later saidd he's &ppoing tt take any ggod vibes republicans today indicated their party knows. concessions must be made in order to voidd the fiscal cliff. but. that's a two way street. and just because the g-o-p is on boord for new revenue. doesn't mean they're o-k with higher taxes to the tune of 1.6 triilion ddllars over 10 the president wantsrepublican congressman tom price said on cnn today quotee"if we take the presidenn's deal that he has brought to the table, you know how many days that--that paas for the federal government? 2533 nnt-- 8 days. 2535 not 8 months, not 8 w
... will perform... in... washington tour".cannace... dold... inside look. look. 3 3 justin wwll take over the verizon center in just a few will also be on staae.get s this...tay is from maryland inside look at life on the road.. with one of the hottest singers in pop music.the girls &pare screaming..nats:and the cameras are flashing.. natss this issthe fevvr.. that gets on stage at oncerttvenues &pbaby whileethe liihts shine o justin... there'' one man who shares the limeliggt... eeen ácenterá of attention.nats: it's a job that's catapulled . [3]sot johnny depp-we know the roots 38:33-they said you hav - e o try out on the ffrst show.. im like yes, send me and ive been on the road with him ever sinne nts: whht p shout ot we knowwthe dj dot com tay says tey have fun ...but his still a it pxhausttng? sure. but whee he behind he turnttbbee..nats:s - tayloo realizes he's achieved his childhood dreamit just so happens that he's working with a global teen sensatiin..ats: por mmree information aaout tay, vvsit ww know the dj ddt ccm.i'm candace dold and that's yourr lowdown
. and colorado and washington sttte are the firss to approve selling the drug like alcohol. theevote has put hese statee federal government, which marijuaaa is crimee "it simply can't go onn te way it is, it can'ttbeea big industry same timee" sam amin is a universitt f denver law professor.... he says as morr and more states legalized maaijuana for mediiall purposes, the federal goverrment looked the other -& marijuana here is viollted federra law. mmryyand's .... marijuana policy... liberal direction... this year...//. minor... possesion oo marijuana... has been reduced a ...of... spending a night... d & in jail. jail. and possession of ess thhn 10 gramm useddto carry up o one yeer in jail and a thoussnd dollar finn. now the aximum is 90 days and theefine waa cut n half. palf. "so e comes ann you can see him, puts his gun llterally right here." here." volunteer firefighter is held attgunpoint. why a cop pulled himmover oo his way naay seals punisheddover a video gaaee why ttey're acccsed oo selling their secrets for software. 3 in... his.
to washington. ggod morning joel dd 3 gordo- "yea who 3 &pgordo- "yee who will obama blame this next 4 years?" years?"art - "i can't wait to bitterness from romney supporters. sorry folks! guess it's time to ove to canada!" ccnada!"time to move to folkss guess it's supporters. sorry bitternesssffom read the next few aat - "i can't wait tt wiillobama blame ordo- "yea who gordo- "yea who will obama blame this next 4 ye" pears?"art - "i can't wait to read the nexttfew weeks of 3 bitterness from romney supporters. sorry folks! guess it's time tt move to canada!" 3 3- maryland voters have approved the state's version of the dreem will alllw illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at public colleges.keith daniels is in fells point where the supporters rallied. rallied. ((take pkg)) & made hhstory in what waa a very close race.the ballot puestion received apprrvaa with about 52--eeccnt of he vote.jeff abell watched the debate over same sex arriage from downtoww baltimore. baltimore. ((take pkgg) coming uppon thh early edition... bringing a casino... to prince george'ssco. county.t
to the question came frommvoters &pvoters in colorado and washington state have legalized the ecreational use regulate the production, possessson, aad distribution of maaijuana for people 1 and older.the washington referendum called for a 25- percent tax rrte imppsed on the prrduct three times::whee &pthe grower sells it to the processor, when he processor sells it to the retailer, and when the retailee sells it tt the customer.the state of oregon had a similar measure on its ballot and it failed. por a complete wrap-uu of thee tteeeeectionngo to ouu website at fox-baltimore-dot-com and po to the hot topicc section. &psome big changes cominig to &penforcemenn system.ra the city's spending board approved a new compann called bbekford to the change provoked ccntroveesy at cctyyhall thhs morning, ut the mayor says the city ultimately got the &ppest deal. was combination &pof scoringgwhichhcaused the company o come out oo top.. 3 top."according to documents included in the nnw bid, the city's photo enforcement system has generated onn hundred forty millioo dollar
's political look for the question of the day. vottes in colorado and washington state have legalized the rrcreational use of marijuana.the initiatives of mmrijuana for people 211 nd older.the washington referendum called for a 25- the grower sells it to the processor, when the processor pells it to the retailer, and when theeretailer sells it to &ptte customer.the state oo oregon had a similar measure on its ballot and it faiild. &p ormer baltiiore aaor... will ....ave to appear in court next month... to face... charges of... violating her probation. part of hee plea agreemmnt ...on theft anddperjury &pchaages .../ she... must pay ...45--housand dollars... to a charity...//. however, ... court she's... thirteen thousand dollars in aarrars...///. dixon... spoke with... explain why... she . finding out about this ally jus- work to rectify it i mean ivv tried to o my bbst.. ive &ppompleeed my community service ive made alot of payments close to 20 thousand and im worring to collecting 86-thousand a year in a city peesion. she's due violation o
this coming thursday. however, she'ssscheduled to travel outside the ccuntry next week. in washington, molly henneberg, &ppox news. 3 highest least according to court administrato. administrators... the federal court system will see auuomatic uts, under the mmllion dollars. and about an enormous backlog of phaaing senator chuck grassley who's urging court administrators to put an end tt their expensiveejunkets. judges froo the ninth circuii court spent more thhn a millioo dollars on a conference in maui thhs year..... ouu medda partner, the waahington story.ian is following he 3 "the issue of judges traveling to theee judicial conferences, which are really nothing more than extended vacations on taxxayers dime are going to become a focal poont oo reformmig the judicial branch." branch."theefederal judiccary outlined its measures in whaa vague email. to read mooe abbut this story go to foo baltimore-dot-com and click n the link to the washington puarddaa. whileeyou're there be sure to check out how bltimore city wwrkers are urning ttrough your tax d
for ouse majority leader eric phe fbi last month aaouu the general's affair. ll of this washington. closed hearings on benghazi, libya staat thii &ptestify, but now the agency's interim director, michael morell, ill peak in his place. i'm andrewwspencer reporting. ccmmng up... to grow... for victims of nue - crisis... residdnts in new jersey are now deeling wiih. youure watching fox 45 morning &pnews.. allllocal.. all morning. ((break 4)) -harbor &p3 it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway" piveaway!"we''e giving away 100 dollar viia giftcards everyyhour, everyday on fox455 morning news through thanksgivi. thanksgiving. 3 you have 15 mmnutes to ccll us at 410-481-4545 to claim your p! prize!want to get yyur name n the ox?go to facebook dot com slash foxxaltimore and click on ""ontests" to fiil uu the form and read the offfciaa 3 , 3 before the flames were evvn ut.... the owners promised they would rebbild. and now a full year &plater, moont washington taver is open again. again. jool d. mith is llve there now to show s the ccallenges to rrbuildiig a local landmark, and see if tte recog
.. withhpot now legal in olorado and washington state.. and with word that the washington guardiaa has unearthed old video of president obama during a debate in his initial illinois campaign for u-s senate in 2004. aa the time, the president said he was for dd-criminalizing marijuana. 3ppres. obama) "but i'm not somebody who belives in legaaization of mmrijuana. to rethink how we're operating in the rug war..." p opponentt say &mariju leggl..... they call it the "gaaeway drug" to more armful and illeggl drugg. live inndowntown baltimorr, keith daniels, fox 45 ews, late edition. that brings... uu to our question of that brings... us to fox 45 news, late edition. , thaa brings... us to our question f the day.should we legalize arijuana? marijuana? you're split on this one tonight. head to our facebook page and like fox45. and see if you agree it is time to psers. 3 itts a really bad day, actually a horrible year for the united states postal see service. the usps lost almost 16 billion dollars in the paat ffscal year. ttat's a ten billion ddolar jump from
week at cal who lost a tough one friday night against washington, and a huge one with stanford and, of course, the civil war at oregon state. a very tough schedule for oregon down the stretch. >> gus: barner running. hayes pullard with the tackle. a huge day for kenjon barner. prior to that, 37 carries, 295 yards. 4 touchdowns. chip kelly and his oregon team, he has now rushed for 300 yards, officially 38 carries, 300 yards, averaging 8 yards per carry, breaking lamichael james' record most rushing yards in a game at the university of oregon. >> charles: you don't want to take a loss here for the record purpose, right? you don't wantto drop down below 300. >> gus: they hand it to him. he won't take a loss at all! kenjon barner, again, that's number five! kenjon barner with 322 yards rushing. 5 touchdowns. >> charles: they wear you down physically, but they also wear you down mentally. because they keep you thinking, and at an extremely fast rate all game long. and after a while, it's hard for those synapses to keep coming together and figuring what to do, and he waltzes into the en
..." olorado and washington sspporter"...i think t'' very obvious it should have been both states call for the drug to be heavily taxed.. colorado woold devote the construction, while ashington sends pot axes to an array of hhalth programs. but some say marrjuana enthusiasts shouldn't break out the joints jjst yett the measure coulddgo up innflames with the fan / university of wwshington law professor"...part of this &padminnstratioo's views of thee enforcement of the controlled substtncessact provisions on marijuana..."(anchor ttg) maryland residents havv also dream act. it allowssand - qualified ndocumented immigrants access to in-state polllge tuiiiin. but unliie the federal acc, it does not address cittzeeship &pin any way in new york, ainsley earhardt, ffx news. your next chance to win a just 3 miiutte away. watching ox 45 morninn news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 4)) 3 kidnappee and police tracked down wo suspectson fox 45 news t five. it's our fox45 "ttanks giieaway!" giveaway!"we're giving away 100 dollaa viia gi
through mmry. maryland. joel d. smith is tracking bge's efforts in in mount washington. good ve morning joel d. 3 we're here at grespring now let's look at bel air. a with 16 ttousanddcustomers without power. it'' day two on the job.... with good rogress bei mngel aac wneodroes back on pples to hold on pnsulators. weecaught up their elddrly mother. the family is keeping warm inside generator. outside, where bal w - ng wood to fu - (mr. ccomwell/without pooer) "i didn't ttink it was going to be as bad as it was. it seems like that storm, that eye was just.. we were in thh center of at eye.. and we caught it. you could tell by all the trees that are uprted,he h espely m a up-p3 wirrrsgo&smly &proad.. crrww say residents there shoull be back in the light.. soon. here work ccews are expeeted o come ack around 8:00 this morning. the new crewwstarts at 6:00am, before starting day 4 of g, --3 lit... ann half isn't.take a s look at ttis picture... you cannsee the entire part of buttjust overrthe williamsburg tite 2lioprer neighbors have sthoowwh some forms of publ
on to say thaa phen ppople ask him how he deaas with the stress of washington.. he alwayy thinkss of the staff that supports him. we arr ow getting mmrr information from the pentagon aaout aa attack on a u-- drone. &ptwo iranian ffghter jets fired on the unarmed drone in the persian gulfflasttweek.the u-s aar force predator drone wass not hit...but was performing suuveillancc in international airspace.... east oo kuwait,. but he incidenttraiies fresh concerns wwthin the obama admiiistration about iranian military aggression in crucial gglf ool shipping lanes. seven navy seals are unished information o a viieo game. the pentagon they provided viieo game publisher n to he - electronic artt for the gaae "medal of honor."the company consulttnts on the game.the ssven were accused oo showinn their official coobat gear and disclosing lassified material. they were given a letter of reprimand and docked two ineligible for promooion and a moving tribute in the nation's capital... he the nation. as marianne rafferty explains.. it's the common ground awwrddfor conflict re
to thhefbi lasttmonth about the general's affair.all of his comes at a criticaa time in washington.closed hearings n the deadly consulate attack in benghazi, libya start this week.petraeus was supposed to testify, but now the agency's interim direetor, miihael morell, will speak in his lace.i'm andrew spencer reporting. p uus official says petrraus &pwasn'ttthe tarret of the yearrbefore his nomination, he most well-known and popular military leader since colin powell. tto people are dead after an explosion in an indianapolis neighborhood late saturday nigh. anddflames juut pouring out off the homes. the fire departmeet thinks abouu three dozen homes werr affeeted by the blast due the sheer force weee taken to a shelter at a local elementary school. 14-17"just prry for these families. prayyfor all of our neighborhooddfamilies." &pfamilies."38--7 "a lot of it looks ike a tornado. but it's not a pattern, it's all blown a couule of the older guys said it looks like a war zone." &pzone."at llast seven people were transported to the hospitaa witt varying degrees of injuries.
:38boys wwll be girls pth - boys will be girlsone washington has ignited a controversy n a female lockee room.the 5-year man, who calls himself colleennffannis &phas all of his original manufacturer's parts. so to speak. nothinggs bben changed. exccpt three years pgo he declared himself a now he uues the ladies' locker room. and shhwers. and aunaa fully nude.loccl area swim teams use the evergreen pool. and - loccer room. and showers. nude man lying abouttthh locker room thhyywere told the sshool's non-dissrimination policy prrtects him. aa a self-identified transgender, he's allowed to decide for himself which facilities - male or female - he gets to use.tteecollege claims a state non-discrimination law backs up its policy to allowwall tranngenders to use any facillty.maybe a fraternity r the football team willl announce thee're transgender so that they, too, can shower in tte ggrls' locker room.60 piles down interstate-5 t the university of washinnton they're having none of this nonsense. t the q-ceeter which is a "resourcc center dedicated to serving anyone wi
..." ........the issue f legalizing marijjana, revisited with pot now legal in colorado and washington state.. and ith word thhttthe pressdent obama duuiig a debate in his initial illiiois campaign for u-s senate in 2004. at he timee the president said he was for dd- videoo "but i'm not somebody who believes innthe legalization of marijuana..." .........some maryland baltimmre city delegate curt anderson wants a bill... which includes no arrest, no prosecution..ooly a citation and fine.(del. anderson) "too getting convictions from are nuisance cases ike these using marijuana and five or sixxyears later,,they can't get into school, they can't get jjbs..".........others including former maryland &pstate police captain, leighh madox....(mmdox) "llgalized, regulated and controlled...." .........madox, whoss a memberr of leap, law enforcement against prohibition, says legalizing marijuana would, among other things, end the violence associated with the drug.((adoox "because it's no longer going tt be cash crop. you're not going to have warehouses full of cash ttat eople want to stea
isn't thh only state with ssme sex marriaae on the ballot today.voters in maine and washington state will also get to cast theii vooessonn whether orrnot to legalize it innthhir states.if it passes in any of the three states.. t would be the irst time .. same sex marrragee as made legal by popular vooe.court orders have madd it legal in six ssates so far. voterr in three states will and wwshington would allow on - adults to poseesssmaal amounts subject to state regulation and taxes. &p a nevada wwman is facing for trying to vote twice. can see roxannee rubin being taken away by federal ageens... affer fellow voter tipped of the rubin is charged with one in the same's a class d felony... which firefighters are on the scene of a alarm fire in fells point.the fireebroke out just before 5 this morning on south broadway.. but firefighters are still working on putting out hotspots.the fire departmentttells us it's a vacant 5 story commercial report of any injuries at this time. 3 a philldelphii eagles player plays "possum"... in a surprising n-f-l pla
is stabbed to death in southwesttbaltimore. happened monday afternoon near washington boulevard and est ostend street.the 51 year old victim was found in herrhome by a word on a suspect or a motive at thii time. diagnosed in maryland... may be connected to the case of a traveling hospital worker... accuued of tampering with needles.accooding to the pepartment of health and mental hyggene....testing shows the maryland resident's infection is closely reeated to another strain.meddcal tech ddvid kwiatkowski charres in new ampshireefor tampering with needles and infecting more ttan 30 peoplee the maryland patient was one of more than 17-huudred people who were urged to get tested affer the charges were filed. the patient is o-k..- 3 one week after superstorm sandy victimized the atlantic dorp beach in of garbage.s in the regioo - - can see it piled up in the street... and on lawns.residents are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of destrrction.many have lost everything they own. volunteers are working to deliver foodd water, clothes &p and homeow
and they call it the 'redskin rule".according to the rule, if washington loses its last home game before the presidential electton, then the innumment will also lose the election. election. they lost sunday to the north carolina panthers 21113. meaning, if the trrnd is accurate,,mitt romney will win. the reddkin rule has been á 2004 when second term. weather)) &p3 ((traffic repooter ad libs)) map 395---40--libertymap 3 ptill to comee.. trimming costs now... o avoid holiday debt later. laaer.the easyyways to save up in the coming weeks. p3&a drug raad... turns up more than marijuana.the exotic animal police stumbleddupon. 3 first on fox...anne arundel counny police stumbled upon a wild crime scene over the weekend when they went to the home of a suupected drug dealer in jessup.officers say phey founn a 3-foot alligator innide.melinda rreder has the suspect's explanation. explanation. inside this quiet subdivision - police say theirr uspect - michaee golden - was dealing drugs.when they went inside this weekend... they conniscated more ttan 150 grams of marijuana... and some other s
not have become vice president last night... but he will e coming back to washington.ryan represents wisconsin's first congressionaa district and challenger for an 8th term in the house. edition... on a mission... to ve vooe.the 99-year-old baltimore stand in her way. 3 ((break 1)) ((ad lib ((brrak 1))((break 1)) 3 ((traffic eporter ad libs)) 3 3 ad libs))((traffic reporter 3 ((traffic reporterrad libs)) map 40 map liberty map shawan map 40 map liberty map shawan 3 3 3 3- still to come... casey anthony... gets unwelcome news. news.the ruling made by florida judgg... in the civil suit against her. an elderly voter... does her baltimore woman ooercame... to ((break 2)) 3 3 among the thousands of voters casting their ballots tuesday... was woman from northwest kathleen cairns explains... thh woman... who is just a few diin't let herrage revent her &pfrom picking a president. presiddnt. (voice-"be real careful") harriet has been waiting ffr thissddy: "i'm going to vooe for my president- bows head" herjourney: just two miles: (voice)"ya think you can get me in that car
... our... media partner ...// the... "washington guardian" today. today. thht revelation as the former cia director -- who always came in the front a loading dock to enter the g capitol building where he &ptestified in closed sessions. catherine herridge explains what came out in today's testimony. testimony. the former ciaa 3 news. herridge fox catherine herridge fox news. 3 "so this is the 74th year we have had turkeys raised here at the farm" parm" new at 10:30 a family run turkey farm. what makes rest. e birds a peck above the - the fiscal cliff could ggound thousands of flights. ameeica's skies. 3 in howard county ne family thanksgiving since junn.... hat's... when they ...began raising... 20-thousand ...'free-range' tuukeys../. kathleen you... to this family farm.../ - which has been opprating since effre the civil war. 3 maple lawn farms.... run by the same family for four generations... but in 1938 when ellsworth and mary got two turreys as a wedddnn gift.... (nnts shot turned into a real love story r- as they m
-to--eaa, just one of washington's completely unssientific, yet tottlly deliciius presidential going to have big event here close we are to reality.. at the occidennal grill, diners m&m cookies, one of michelle - obama's white & darkkchocolate ccip cookies, and a ballot. say mrs. romneyys cookie took - the lead for tte first ime, after her usbann's performance at the first presidential deeatt.... tte obama logo, the romneyylogoo elephants and donkeys, and vote 2012 neutral stamps as well. at the sweet lobby,, cupcakessand ookies re decked out electiin-styll, wiih a tally updated on people appreciate he levitt of it, the lighttess of it. bacc at tte lincoln, a sppcial &ppleetion night menu features dishes inspired by thee candidate's favorite foods -- &pmeatloafffor mitt romney,, obama -- perhaps somethiin dnt they could both endorse, no matter who tastee victory on tuesday. in washington, i'm karin caifa.. -----end----- cnn.scriit----- &up next... why you might want you see.. with a mouutache. you''e watthing fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 4)) we got better tv, better phone, b
in washington. we are seeing struggles in florida and struggles in virginia, and we have been talking about that here while you have been away in local coverage. for republicans, it does not bode well. >> it still too early to waive any white flags. the critical thing is $90.4 million each campaign would have gotten from public financing. they have had all the money they needed to win the state's. >> it is amazing when you think about what they're running in florida, but we're looking at all told, $6 billion in probably in the final estimates. i do not know how the night will turn out, but we went into it in historic high. after all that money spent, it is quite amazing. >> in virginia, we are still waiting for the counties of and around washington, once were demographics have changed, where the president is widely believed to need to win by a good bit, whereas if mitt romney gets close, it is a good sign in virginia, but we do not know yet. >> from everything and hearing, it may be some time before we know that. if you are in line, you get to vote. the obama campaign put out a text asking
ommentattr and d-c insider, armstrong willlams joins us for this week's washington wrap. -petreaus's affair with his biographer caused him to resign ... now the scandal involves a socialite ... general allen ... how significant ii ii in the big scheme of things-aa this point it doesn't appear classified evidence was leaked .. but that's still to be determined-what are you expecting to hear from petreaus today-yesterday's hearings didn't go well ... lots of yelling and accusations -maayyare saying he won't have mucc to offer becauseeby the time the cia was invovled r could do anything ... it was too late coming up... the grand prix numbers are in... and the results aren't good.the 2 hingg orgranizers plan to do next timee.. to iiprove attendance. ((joel live tease)) you're waachinggfox 44 morning news.. ((breek 4)) all mooning. - & deer causing traffic the danggr inn states...on fox 45 news at 33 it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway" giveaway!" &pwe're giving away 100 dollar visa giftcards every houu, everydaa on fox45 orning news through thanksgiving. thanksgiving. 3 & at 410-4
for the obama campaign, who is in our washington studio and, david, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thanks, chris, good to be with you. >> chris: before we get to the campn, i want to ask you about libya. here is what the president promised, and here's what he has actually done. >> president barack obama: every piece of information that we get, as we got it, we laid it out for the american people. >> chris: and, that was the president, returning from a campaign trip, and not answering a question about benghazi, david, simple question: did the president make a calculated decision, to run out the clock, until the leck and not answer questions, about libya? >> no. >> chris: so, wh hasn't he answered questions about his personal involvement in libya? >> the president has, from the beginning, chris and we've talked you about it before, of course, the president has said, we want to get to the bottom of it and share it with the american people and get it right and there are a couple of distinguished americans, ambassador pickering and admiral mullen, the former head of the joint chiefs of staff w
you love, simply. keurig. helping ou in a natural disaster. the washington couuty sheriff's office says someone stole loads of copper wire from power crews that were here to help in hricane recoverr. five trucks re raided on sunday nht bere t to lews don't let the amateur sciencee guy try to carve a umpkin with explosiies in the mmddle of the newsccst. newscast. what we're going tt do is that's jason c . lindsey, a-k-a the hooked on cience" guy on live t-vthenn ev inna e'w wapped o go, lindsey pre cut the eyes, nose and moutt inno the pumpkin and then filled the pumpkin with an explosive gas. it doosn't take a scientist to much. hen h uses e g, k pie. &p common sense says.... schools shuld teach kids hhw to wwite, includdng cursive. cursive. but one school in missouriays they're nitoshecutting cursive mply ol to computers and technology. "yyu don'ttreally need it pause if you order something online, you donnt need cursiie." sadly that's the apprch several chools are ki-thdav signature will look like? it's simple, jjst drive over the border.
nioe y l trr qa maryland, maine, minnesota and washington state. the u-s border patrol is rrleasing thissvideo... of one illegally cross he us-mexiio border in aaiza.suspected orrer enne... using afoii makeshift ramp tuesday. patrrlling agentt spotted them... while it waa happening. the jeep got stuck... as you can see... and thh suspects ran back into mexico. rihanna is trying &pto lure n fans....with limited edition of her latest a. "unapologetii"... comes in a -or eeexact. 40-pageecustom notook from the singer... cootaiiing written noteeto fanss.. a t-ssirt... a -s-b drive... aa other items. thh album will bb released november 19th. 3&coming up... up... it's the news we've been inside of this cake... will e - insievval the geedee of our e - exxeutive producer's baby. &pboyyorra ggrl.we're goinggto cut into it d find o... yr hioxgorom ((k e. ((break 5)) 3 ((toss to weatherr) ((ad lii mmteooologist))((ad lib ((addlib meteorollgist)) 3 weather kid tease ((toss tt weather)) 3 p(ad lib ))((break 5)) meteooologist)) 3 peather kid teasee- p.mup-pup...coming up... up...there they
in washington try to figure out who knew what &pand whee regarding david petraees' sudden departure jill kelley is ssid o be the - probe that lee to petraeus' social liaison to miliiary d baaes in florida. sources say kklley received harassing emails ffom biographer paula broadwell...the womannwho had tte affaar. kelley's complaint is what led the f-b-i to her relationship with petraeus.- "i don't know anywho was pasn't shocked y kkow that there must be there."petraeus was suppose to testify in thh hharing on he attacks in benghazi, but now theeagency's interim director "michael morel" will speak in is place.. lance armstrong has officiallyy foundation. h the livestroog today, a livestrong ssokesperson ccnfirmed that the disgracee orrer professional cyclist voluntarill reeigned from its board off irectors. armstroog helped create thh organization 15- yeaas ago after he nearly died of testicular cancerr according to livestrong... armstrong teeped down to spare the organization ny further negative effects as a career. the mmve is the lateet allegattons armstrong used performan
watch report ..... 3 invooving disaster clean-up. clean-up.the washington guardian reports that the city of milwaukee, wisconnin spent almost eleven million dollars repairing a water pumpiig station thattwas damaaed in is that pumping station was scheduled to set to be shut dow. down.and pompano beach, florrda is getting criticism ccty billed the governmmnt for debris clean-up that didd't actually take place. to learn more on government waate ffoo our media partner... got to the hott topics sections of our website and click on washingttn 3 dash cam near 3 3 split second decision that the - saved the police chief's life. crime. why the judde said she was inspiied to force this woman into public shame. 3 3 common sense hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get
of amerrcann were "victims" who ere "dependent" on the government. washington lawmakers want to know everything there is to know about september's deadly consulate attack n bbnghazi,, thee're holding plosed door hearingg in hopes shade shows us what we could ex. expect. --reporrerrpkg-as follows -- several of washinggon'' power players will be on captioo hillltoday, expecting to be grilled about the deadly consulate attack in benghazi, libya.u-s ambassador, chris stevens, and three other americcns were illed in the september 11-th assault.former cia director david pptraeus is schedulee to address the senate house innelligence committee tomorrow.his testimony was in question afterrhis sudden resignaaton understands and was there during the time whhn the benghazi events ccurred."ssme republicans ave bben going afterru-n ammassador susan riie.affer the violenne, she saad intelligence pointed tooa spontaneous... not pre-plannee attack.senator john mccain senaaor lindsey graham just doeen't trust her..nd the peason i don't trust her is because i think she knew better and i
washington cameras that issued 83-hundred speeding tickets.... all of them connaininn misttkes. several monthh earlier, this camera near harbor hospital....was ticketing motorists baseddon the wrong speed limit... and the citt week....another 200-motorists were wrongly ticketed by a camera along the alameda..... city's speeddcamera system? n - here's a look at our pacebook page...a lot of discussiin on this question they do noo trust the city'ss speed camera system...join the dissussion by going tt facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore also... first on fox.../ .tonight... a... member... of aaspecial is....suspended .../ pending.... investigation...///. officer... is... the subject....of a - &pfederaa prooe..../// he''... of... the pontroversial... p iolent... impact crimms division.../ a... plain... clothes unit... which targets ...violent offenders.../ butt.. has for... beiig.... overly 3& a 2-year-old boy is bac home with his mother toniiht, after being found wandering alone n a busy city street. live in northeast altimore , where we've lea
- washington craig boswelllfox how are the oads lookkng tonig? tonight?brandi proctor has our traffic edgeereport. mapllberty40shawan map 395maps p, new tonight at 5:30...a retired state rooper is being his trainingg came back to him when hii life.. and the livvs f others... ere put on the line. 3 believe it or not, a secessionnst movement is afoot. less than 244hours after president obama won re- election... petitions aae up ii several states to become pheir oon countriess and eeks after hurricane sandy leaves its mark parts of piece if the coastal cityyis &pset to be rebuiit. 3 3--adbllb weather z-- oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. we're here! [ giggling ] these days, nobody has time to get sick. mom, i don't feel good. but minutecl
girlsone male studdnt olympia, washington has ignited a controversy in a female locker room.the 45-year man, who calls hhmself cclleen francis has all of his original manufacturer's parts. so to speak. nothing's beee changed. except three yearr ago he declared imself now he uses the ladies' locker room. and showers. and ssuna. fully nnde.local area swim teams with girlssaaes 6 to 18 also locker room. and showwrs. nude man lying about the locker room they were told the school's nnn-discrimination policc protects him. as a self-identiiiid transgender, he's alllwed to decide for himself wwich facilities - male or femaae - he gets to use..he college claims a state non-discrimination lawwbacks &pup its policy to allow all transgenders to use ann facility.maybe a fraternity or the football team will announce ttey''e transgender so that theyy too, can shower in the girls' locker room.60 university of washington t the - they're having none of this nonsense. attthe q-center which is a "resource center dedicated to serving anyone which incluues everyone " - they're buulding a uni
washington university: " certainny does mean that they have to worry about -3 rrnning afoul of public opinioo at their peril,,having just suffered a loss..." domestic issues aside, he ability of theetwo ssdes to reach an agreementtmany also have an impact on foreign affairs.damon wilson / exxeutive vice pressdent of the atlantic council:" inabillty to strike an agreementtthat's serious, that's long termm that - restores confidence in the - fiscal sstuation of the unnted statts in the markets globallyy i think it aatually weakens his hand on every pforeign pooicy issue..." (anchorrtag) the 3 new ecretary ffstate nd treasury secretary. both hillary clinton and tim geithnee are ot xpected to return for the president & second term. in new york, ainsley earhardt fox news. 3 in light of colorado legalizing marijuaaa ...tte goverror warned supporters to not ""breaa out thh cheetos or law is still illegal under federal law.but one marijuana &padvocate made sure the govenor had hii own pprsonal supply of snaaks by d
with speed cameras. junn, we ttld you about two mount washington cameras that issued 8-hundred them containing mistakes. severaa months earrier, thii camera near harbor hospital....was ticketing motorists based on the wrong was forced to refund a thousand tickett....that same peek....annther 200-motorists cameea along the alameda..... speed cameras... been... very profitable... for 3the city.... the city... ccrrently has... 83....speed cameras.../, which... issue ...$40 citations..../ ciiaaions..../they... brought in... nnarly ii... reveene... over the past ear./... ttats... citations..../the... - city... saw... a... near... átenfoldá... increase... n the three years... the cameras... have bben operating.../. in... 20--10,.../ $2.4 million. phht brings us o our qqestion of the day. o youutrust the gg... to... fox-- baltimore dot com .../ tell us... what you think.../. sound... p off... thru... facebook.../. send... s....a tweet.. at foxbaltiiore.../. text... &p your answer to ...45-203..../ enterr.. fox45a for yes.. / pox45b
... house minooityy a major announcement on er ke - washington... to dissuss ce in - whether she ntendd to stay on as he house democratic leader. ten years ago today. the &pcalifornia democrat mmde history as the first woman toyott is recalling more than 3 2-point-77million ehhcles waaer pump problem.the recall includes the prius hybrid... corolla..... and other mmdels producee in japannfrom the year 20000to 2012.this is the in recent months.the company sayy owners that are affecced will be notiiied by mail next month. pf you're ii a relationshhp n extra page with your name on ii... that you never knew about.turnssout... the social mediaasite is takkng information about userr whh are in a relationshhp... andd cceatinn detaiis &pyouu shhred ppsts andd both tagged ii. a new sandwich shop in boston &pis making nationall headlines... for its choice of . location."the earl of &psandwich" chain opened up sho on monnay... on the boston puiiling was built in the t - p9-20's as ábathroomá... unused for several decades. the sandwich coopany paad to renovate tte building... and 5
,... to meet witt palestinian officials... a piece of art donated to a washington goodwill store... turns out to be an authentic salvador dali.a woman found this originnl, hand-signed and nummered etching while sorting ttroughha pile of items. the ppece -- titled "reflections" shop-goodwill-dot-com.the hundred dollars.ust over 91--- a... roup of young voterrs.. failss.. to get a onkey ...on the ballot.../.ecuador's... presidential elections... happen next ffbruary .../ and... thursday was the last day ... to... register candidates./.. so... a grouu attempted to bring a registration form... for "senor burro" ...or... "mister donkey"...// even though... the donkey got all dressed up....for the event... / he... was turnee away....// one mister donkey... supporter says... the grouu's goal... wassthe ... and... the effective candidate. 3 rives says: it was a.... big 'ol cat cat a man in a cattsuit... causing problems aata gas station....hho he's been harassing employeee. and a new world record.... how cooper... and how long they had to stay inside. 3
...//.the... carolina pannhers... beat the redskins... in washington... which... pshouldá... mean... mitt romney... pins... on election day 3 hhw... do we figure?it's... the "redskins rule"...//.if... &p the redskinn win... their last... home game .. before the presidentiaa election... / tte ... incumbent party etainn the white house...//...if... they looe... the incumbent party... s.... voted out....//the... ule... traces back to p940.../// and... & hassbeen right 17 of 18 imes. 3 new tonight aa 5:30...a huge - surprise for authooities when phey make a drug bust nnannn - arundel ounty.wwy animal & control had to be calledd.. 3 3 a hild ies after falling into an exhibit at a zoo.what police were fooced to do to try toosave the 3-year old. 3 the sprrnt o the finiss in underway ... as the presidential cannidates visit key swing states in the final hours before election day... comiig up. 3 an... article 32 ...hearing for... staff se
to the washingtonn uardian's website. go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on "washington guardian" under hot topics. the f-dda ii reviewing anooherr energy drink ccmpany....fter claims itthas beennlinked to more than a dozen deaths. deaths.five- hour energy s the latest drink under the miiroscope.f-d-a paperwork phhws more than 30 llfe- threatening incidents surrounding the energy drink.a spokksperson for the ompany deaths and they take the ny - cardiologists say it might be dr. sriram padmanabhan, hospital: t 3.30 "it's for people who overdo ii and people who are sensittve... ii think for them it's much moree limitaaions for these drinks." drinks."jjst last month, a maryland couple filed a 3 lawsuut gainst monnter energy after their teenage daughter died. mmt-a ... police... will not file charges... against the bus driver... ...having a fist fight... with a passeeger. passenger.witnesses .... andd.. ppsted it... on... you- tube..../one perssn... told fox 45... that the driver... and the teen ...were rguing ...over loud music../ . when theedriver stopped the bus... / appro
. washington lawmakers want to know about septembbr's deadly consulate attack in benghazi, they're holding closed doorrhearinns in hopes &pof getting answers. rene marsh is live in washington this morning... with a preview of what we could expect. good morning, rene. - thh president was asked about this in his press was asked about - the president was asked about this in his what say? - the reeublicans unified in their focus on ambassador rice. the other wwaa are some of ambassador rice. focus on unified in their don't appeer t be - the republicans say?did he have this in his press was asked abouu - the president rene. - the president was asked about this in his pressswws asked about this in his press conference yesterday, what did he haae to say?- the republicans don'tt aapear o be unified in their focus on ambassador rice. what are some of he other qqestions hey are asking? ccming up... coming up... get surround sound... innthe comfort of your own tooget that "movie theater quality"... without sppnninn a fortuue. you're watccing fox 45 mornnng news.. all local..
and from thher kids! thii mmrning sttcey cohaa is live in washington with the sto. story.good orning, ssacey. 1) so what should parents dd ii their kids need money forrcollege? from lashlights... to holiday ddcorations. usem jabyt. &pdouble-a bbtteriesslaat the're watccing fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance selt checking account arng 1% cash back on almost everything. arng 1% cash back i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have go friends who are all still around, and we're all luy to he a ndamed b.beprter mecae and tera' befits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my frnd, ben. i hope he's your frid, too. torohisscardin, and i'm honored most populaa. just inntime for the holiday crunch... consumer 33 (v/o)melissaagabriellwas actually given batteriee as a baby ssower gift!(sot: melissa gabriel)"my friend who had d kids efore said yyu hh no ew o is constantly buyin
for this week's washington wrap.-yoo were pretty sure president obama was goong to looe-the president wonnevery ssing state except norrh carolina-what's wrong with mitt romney or the republican party .. that now needs to beelooked at-congress was pretty blatant in saying their &pdone on behalf of the people - ... will they get past that 3&pcominggup... a waaning today... about a nnw service offered on "craigslist."what some peoppe are soliciting... that coold lead to major financial problems doww the line. ((megan live tease)) you're watching pox 45 morninggnews...all local.. all morningg ((break honoring our veterans.the practical way they are being remembered in baltimore this 3ear.on fox 45 neww at fiie - live look harbor 3 it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway!" giveaway!"we're giving away 100 dollar visa giftcards every hourr everyday on fox45 mooning news through thanksgivi. thanksgiving. 3 you have 155minuues to call us at 410-481-4544 tooclaim your p! prize!want to get your name in theebox?go to facebook ot com slash foxbaltimore and click form and read the ooficial rules. 3 map 395 map &p3
... click on... "washington guardian" ...under hot topics. phat brrngs... us to our question of hh day.should we legalize marijuuna? marijjana?this is our ffcebook page...huunreds of yoo commented on this question tonight...moot of you say it should be legalized...a few oo still oing on right poin the discussion byygoing to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore new ttnight...a jury finds the former ...bowie accusee of death...ánotá guilty....f al - 7 ccarges against her simpson as accusee of murder and carrying a deadly weapon. prosecutors say simpson killed of 2011..... afterrthey got er - into annargument over loud music.simpson said she was trying to defend hersell two men accused in the de- capiiation killings of three young children are preparing po stand rial for the third ti. time. pooicarpio espinooa and adan canela rejected a plea deal resulted in a 40-yearrprison sentence. insttad, they chose to stand trial in march for the 004 murders of three yoong relatives. they were convicted of murder six years ago..but a hhgghcourt later overturned their con
, and istribbtion of marijuuna for people 21 and older.the washington 3 percent tax rate imposed on the producttthree times: when &pthe grower sells it to the processor, when the processor sells ii to he retailer, aad when he retailer sells it to the customer.thh state of orrgon ad a similar measure on its ballottand it failed. 3 vooing is still taking place in new jerrsy... because of suuer stormmsandy.the state announced last week... that storm victims should qqalify as "oveeseas voterss... -3 meaning they re eligible to vote byyemail or executive order by the lieuteeant governor gives them until friiay ight to ast those eleetronic votes. 3 one day after the 3 electton.... lawmakers are gearing up to take on thh fiscal cliff.... 3 congresssremains diiided..../ -3 iih... democrats retaining control of the republiians keeping a the... president... wants the bush tax cuts... for... the wealthiest amerrcans... to expire...//. but... g-o-p leaders saa... they... will not... suppo
in washington dc tonight. nats: as long as yyu love p3 justin will sing all of his current hits.this is "as long as you love me".of course, it this and other songs... you are in luck.there are still the cheapest ticket on ssub hub is 99 dollars---they go up to 71 dollars. anotherrbig celebrity is cominn to ábaltimore.áhere's one hintt.. she's a former ameeican idol winner. winner. 3 natss blown away away carrie underwood will bring her "blown away" touu to first mariner aarna on wednesddy t 7-30.of course carrie rose to fame as he winner of american idol in 2005.she has since becooe a multi-platinum selling recording rtists..won several grammys... aaas... shes always a two time acm &pentertainerrof the year... which indicates this will be a good how. up next...we have a winner! tina callee in to claim her 100 ollar visa gift card in ti. time.thaa means your chance to win is coming up soon.we'll draw another name after the ((break 8)) it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the j
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